Published Fiction in Print & Online Literary Journals

Luciole Press “The Mantis” (2014).

Reorient “They Won’t Miss Me this Afternoon” (2013). 

The Smoking Poet  “12 Rushdy Street” (2011). 

Saranac Review “By Fire or Water” (2011).

Parting Gifts Al Kasdir” (2011).

Parting Gifts “Qedeshim Qedeshot” “Our Family Keeper,” “The Flood” (2010).

Rockhurst Review “The Fisherman” (2008).

Mizna Literary Journal “Green Figs and

GraFemas: Letras Femeninas AILCFH  Victoria Urbano Prize.

“Noor el Kamar” (2007).

Dream International Quarterly  “Tell me Mayra” (1997).

Linden Lane Magazine  “They Won’t Miss me this afternoon,” “Flight,” “Succession” (1991).

Linden Lane Magazine  “Search,” “Ducks Flight,” “Shuffling Seasons,” “The Green Book” (1993).

Published Fiction in Anthologies

Writing as Revision Anthology 4th Edition Pearson Custom Publishing “Green Figs and Cherries” (2011).

Cup of Joe: Coffee House Flash Fiction Anthology, Wicked East Press “Flight” (2011).

The Time Between Places: Stories That Weave in and Out of Egypt and America: “Distances” (2010).

Dinarzad’s Children: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Fiction 2nd ed. “Distances,” “Mariam” (2009).

PeripheryOnline “Flight” (2008).