Saturday, September 10th, 7:00 pm ET Verse/Virtual Poetry Reading Joseph Fasano and Liz Marlo with Open Mic. Hedy Habra Reads two ekphrastic poems! Recording here

Saturday, May 28, 2022 1:00 pm ET Psychreative Poetry readings by Chun Yu, Hedy Habra, Ron Boyer, Franco Enrico & Claude Barbre following Prof. Stanley Krippner’s talk about Jung, dreams and the neurosciences.  Recording available here

Sunday, March 27, 7:30pm ET: Village Poets Present Featured Poet Hedy Habra Women’s Month of March 2022

Sunday, March 13, 10:00 am ET launch of Indelible issue #6 (Art & Prose) dedicated to the Feminine! I’m excited to introduce my short story, “Noor el Qamar”!

Saturday, February 26, 4:00 pm ET Verse-Virtual Book Party #3. Delighted to present The Taste of the Earth at Verse-Virtual‘s 3rd Book Party. Recording available!

Saturday, January 22, 2022, 1:00 pm ET Psychreative #11! featuring poetry readings by Adam Wyeth, Hedy Habra & Claude Barbre, followed by Patricia Martin’s scintillating talk on Individuation in the Digital Age! Recording available

Sunday, December 19th 11:00 am ET. Indelible AUD features award-winning poets from around the world, who share some verse from the heart of the season: Ruth Padel, Leah Larwood, Hélène Demetriades, Carly Brown, Hedy Habra, Claude Barbre, Hanna Saadah, Lucy Holme, Patrick Lavince, Bernard Pearson, Gottfried M. Heuer, Omar Sabbagh, Roula-Maria Dib, and Pernilla Vis Af Vivere

Saturday, December 4th, 1:00 pm ET PsychreativeFt. poet/hypnotherapist Leah Larwood on Dreams and Poetry
Happy to read alongside featured poets and artists. Recording available here

Tuesday, September 21th, 7:00 pm ET Poetry Society of New Hampshire Reading Series “PNSH Presents: Hedy Habra read from her award-winning collections, Tea in Heliopolis (Press 53 2013) and The Taste of the Earth (Press 53 2019).

Sunday, September 19, 1: pm ET Psychreative!Delighted to be reading alongside this stellar group! Many thanks to Roula-Maria Dib for inviting me to read a short story from Flying Carpets

Sunday, August 8th, 1:00 pm EDT  Psychreative Opening talk by Briony Clarke, featured poets and artists, including Hedy Habra and open mic.

Wednesday, July 28, 7:00 pm EDT The Crazy Wisdom Poetry Series Virtual Readings Featured poet: William Trowbridge, Open Mic follows!
Hosts: Ed Morin, David K. Jibson &  Lissa Perrin

Sunday, July 25th, at 7:30 EDT!  Reading with the Village Poets of Sunland-Tujunga presenting E. Y. Williams & Bory Thach, and the contributors of California Quarterly, Vol. 47, No. 1 (Spring 2021) Many thanks to Maja Trochimczyk for organizing this reading and for publishing my work!

Saturday, July 17th 1:00 pm EDT  Psychreative with Jessica Steel’s opening talk, “The Inspiration of Jung and Alchemy in Speculative Fiction.” Poetry reading & art by Dixie Junius, Mary Apikos, Hedy Habra, Aaron Mason, and Roula-Maria Dib. Recording available here

Friday, July 16th 7:00 am EDT Reading from the anthology “Atelier of Healing: Poetry About Trauma & Recovery”, edited by Eric Valles and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé.
If you want a sneak peek of the anthology, click here

Thursday, July 8th 8:00pm to 10:00 pm ET. Gris Literatura Presents the (virtual) roundtable discussion: “Art to Art: Ekphrastic Poetry with Gerard Wozek, David Wright, Hedy Habra, and Janée Baugher. Recording upcoming on youtube.

Sunday, June 27th 10:00 am ET. Indelible AUD issue no. 5 launch (poetry). Featuring award-winning poets Ruth Padel, Lucy Holme, D.R. James, Paul Jones, Carole Mora, Hedy Habra, Maura High, Gottfried M. Heuer, Omar Sabbagh, Ralph Earle, Debra Kaufman, Florence Nash, Claude Barbre.  
Read my six poems about Food/Nurture and explore the stellar poetry and artworks in Indelible issue no.5

Listen to the recording here

Saturday, May 15th 1:00 pm ET. Psychreative: Professor Roderick Main ‘Poetry, the I Ching, and Synchronicity: Reflections on Richard Berengarten’s Changing’, discussing Jung’s concept of synchronicity and its relevance for poetry.  Poetry reading and artwork by Dr. Gottfried Heuer, Karla Van Vliet, Dr. Aaron Mason, Kirsty Wagstaffe, and Dr. Hedy Habra.  Watch it here

Monday, May 3rd. Pier-Glass Poetry Series Ekphrastic Poetry 1.6. Reading and Discussion Featuring Hedy Habra, Anita Jawary, and Timothy Green. Watch it here.

Sunday, April 18th 7:30 pm ET. I will be reading two poems published in the Winter Issue of the California Quarterly. The CQ reading is part of the Village Poets of Sunland-Tujunga event featuring James Coats.

Thursday, March 18th, 1o:00 am Eastern. Poetry Reading within the AUD Indelible Festival of Literature. To register for the Festival’s sessions, click here

Saturday, March 13th, 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Poetry Reading: “Psychreative” event, an initiative with the International Association for Jungian Studies.

Wednesday, January 27th, 7 p.m. ET To join, sign up here!
Excited to be a featured reader for The Crazy Wisdom Poetry Circle Series at The Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room!

Friday, December 18th, 7:30 pm ET. AvantAppal(achia)’s second reading event hosted by Sabne Raznik & Dave Sykes. Happy to be one of the featured poets!

Tuesday, December 8th, 6 pm Dubai time, (9 am ET USA). INDELIBLE EVENINGS’ Season’s Final Virtual Poetry Reading.  @Indelible AUD. You can watch the video here

December 6th at 7 pm ET Ekphrastic poetry and Art lovers  gathered for the book launch for THE EKPHRASTIC WRITER by Janée J. Baugher! I’m delighted to be part of this select group of ekphrastic poets!

Monday, November 23rd at 9 am ET. IACASE Global Connection Webinar Series: Tapestries of ToleranceWeaving Contemplative Practices, Embodiment, and the ARts to Build a Mindful Middle East

Tuesday, November 10th at 7 pm ET. Reading three ekphrastic poems featured in Poemeleon: The Plague Papers, an e-Anthology of Museums and poems, edited by Robbi Nester and curated by Cati Porter.

Wednesday, November 4th at 7-8 pm. Portage District Library Virtual Reading: Hedy Habra and The Taste of the Earth. Watch the video

Tuesday, October 27th at 9 am ET (Dubai 6 pm) IndelibleEvenings Fall 2020 Virtual Recital & Open Mic. Sponsored by the American University of Dubai Listen to the recording here


Wednesday, October 28th at 7 pm Silver Concho Poetry Series Reading, Press 53 Register here

Wednesday, September 23th at 5:30 pm Voces Imaginativas/Imaginative Voices. Casa Cervantes/Wellesley College.
Honored and thrilled to be a Guest Speaker “Poetry Across Cultures: An Interartistic Dialogue”

Sunday, September 20th, 7 pm ET. Book Launch: The Ekphrastic Writer by Janée Braugher.

June 11, 11 a.m. Eastern. Poetry Recital/Open Mic Event with INDELIBLE international contributors. Sponsored by The American University of Dubai.  Listen to the recording here

Friday, Aug 7th at 7:00 pm ET. Silver Concho Poetry Series Reading

May 22, 12:00 p.m. Habra reads May 22 for the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival 2020 Virtual Edition. Fifty international poets scheduled for May 2o, 21 & 22

May 7, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm CST: Poets Reading from “Rocked by the Waters: Poems of Motherhood” sponsored by Normandale AFA in Creative Writing.

May 22nd, 12:00 p.m. Eastern Bridgewater International Poetry Festival Virtual 2020 Edition.
Join at

May 7, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm CST: Poets Reading from “Rocked by the Waters: Poems of Motherhood” sponsored by Normandale AFA in Creative Writing. Online via Zoom streamed on Facebook. Join at

Sunday, April 19th! at 3p.m. EST! “Six Poets, Six Minutes”
FREE POETRY READING hosted by noted poet Melissa Balmain

“Six Poets, Six Minutes” featuring:
John Macker
Melissa Balmain
Karen Petersen
Kelvin Kellman editor of The Stockholm Review of Literature
Christine Potter
Hedy Habra

Kalamazoo Digital Poetry Festival 2020, April 25th, 6:30.
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts: Celebration of Community Poets

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 6:30 p.m. Poetry Reading & Q&A
Hedy Habra & Dasha Nisula. Kazoo Books 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI

Interview with Zinta Aistars: Art Beat WMUK All Things Considered

Tuesday, November 19, 4 pm. A Poet and Artist’s Personal Journey: Reflections on a Middle Eastern Heritage. Poetry Reading and Q&A. Meader Room, Waldo Library, Western Michigan Uty

Saturday, November 16, from 12 pm to 3 pm Author Hop 2019!
Book Signing & Q&A Kazoo Books 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI

Tuesday, October 22, at 7 p.m. Presentation of The Taste of the Earth by Hedy Habra. Le goût de la terre: Évocation sensorielle des racines culturelles, linguistiques et mythiques. Alliance Française de Kalamazoo. 

Thursday October 10th WMU Confucius Institute 10th Year Celebration!
So grateful to the CI for their wonderful teaching opportunities in Tai Chi, Chinese Ink Brush painting, Calligraphy and Mandarin, and for honoring me with this special recognition!

Saturday, October 12 at 7 p.m. Poets-In-Print:
Hedy Habra & Natalie Eilbert Poetry Reading, Book & Broadside Signing
Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, 326 W. Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 6 p.m. Author Event:
Hedy Habra & Richard Katrovas Reading & Q&A
Michigan News Agency, 308 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI

AWP Conference, Portland Convention Center, March 27-30, 2019.
Habra signed books at Press 53 Booth  10050: Thursday 3-4pm; Friday 2-3pm and Saturday 10-11am and 12-1pm.

October 19th Thursday 10:30-12:00 a.m. Interartistic Dialogue Between Visual Poetry and Visual Art. Under Brushstrokes. Q&A /Book Signing 12:00-1:30. Guest Speaker: Paradise Valley Community College, 18401 N. 32nd Street. Phoenix, AZ. Puma Press Room (KSC 2200) 2nd floor, Kranitz Student Center










October 12th, Thursday, 7:00 pm. Immigrant to Neighbor: Journeying Through Hope and Fear. A Reading & Panel Discussion. Western Michigan University, Bernhardt Center (Brown & Gold Room) 1903 W. Michigan AveSeptember 16th, Saturday, 6:30-7:00 pm.








ALCHEMY Poets Read from Their Broadsides Box Factory For the Arts, 1101 Broad St, St Joseph, MI 49085

September 10th, Sunday, 2:00 pm. New Issues Poetry and Prose: Celebration of Free Speech: The Power of the Word. A Reading at Bell’s Brewery, 355 E Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007









May 25th, Thursday. Reception 5:30 Reading 6:30.
ALCHEMY Poets Read from Their Broadsides. Richmond Center for Visual Arts, WMU. Lecture Hall, room 2008.Hedy Broadside copy 2

June 16th, Friday, 6:30-8:30. Reading/Conversation. Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters Writers Squared Series: “I, Too, Am Michigan: Voices of the Immigrant Experience.” Hedy Habra, Dunya Mikhail & Jennifer Clark. Phillip Sterling GLCL Coordinator. Koning Micro-Cinema at Wealthy Theater: 1130 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids.

May 16th 6-8 pm: “Magic Realism” Writer Workshop with Hedy Habra. Portage District Library, 300 Library Ln, Portage, MI 49002. Habra examines Magic Realism and its relationship with the Fantastic and Fabulism. In this workshop, Habra explains the influence of Latin American literature on her own work and highlights magical realistic techniques in stories by prominent Latin American authors.

April 19th, Wednesday 6:30pm: Immigration & Justice for our Neighbors Anthology Reading. Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. Kalamazoo College, 205 Monroe St. Kalamazoo, MI 4006.Hedy READING ARCUS IMMIGRATION

April 20th, Thursday,6:30-9:30 pm: ALCHEMY Suite of Monologues Readings. Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, 314 S. Park, Kalamazoo 49007.thumb_IMG_0901_1024

April 27th, Thursday 7:00 p.m. The Fearsome Foursome: Michigan Women Poets Reading & Book Signing. Featuring Miriam Pederson, Daneen Wardrop, Hedy Habra & Linda Nemec Foster. Kazoo Books 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo MI 49003

!cid_0297fce9-d31c-4d93-9b83-531424a2e1cb@namprd08_prod_outlook[2]LIan's pic fearsome foursome






May 9th, Tuesday 6:30. Friends of Poetry Presents ALCHEMY. Kalamazoo Public Library, 315 S Rose St Kalamazoo MI 49007

April 6th, Thursday 7:00 p.m. The Fearsome Foursome: Michigan Women Poets Reading & Book Signing. Featuring Miriam Pederson, Daneen Wardrop, Hedy Habra & Linda Nemec Foster. Schuler’s Books & Music, 28th Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512. Read Natalie Tomlin’s story here








ALCHEMY Dialogues Suite 2nd Reading. Habra read her dialogue, “Tell Me Mayra,” alongside a wonderful variety of voices.  Event organized by Arnie Johnston and Deborah Johnson. Richmond Center for the Visual Arts, WMU. Michigan News Dean Hauck handling books.


February 23rd, Thursday 6:30 pm. ALCHEMY Poetry & Music Reading “Echolocation.” Habra’s five poems inspired by Wadada Leo Smith artwork, along with poems by Marsha Meyer, Denise Miller, Margaret DeRitter & Elizabeth King. Ankhrasmation: The Language Scores. Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, 314 S. Park, Kalamazoo 49007


Feb 11, 2017, Sat. 4:30 R 102A, Convention Center, AWP Conference Washington DC. Panel: Immigration: Cultural Binding, Creative Chaos & The Survival of International Writers.” How does immigration affects writers’ creative pursuits in a different country? This year out of 1,465 proposals submitted, 522 selected! With Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, Alexander Cigale, Octavio Quintanilla, Deema Shehabi & Hedy Habra








Feb 10th, 2017, Friday 2:00-4:00. AWP Conference Washington DC. Off-site Reading with Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts. Truth to Power:Writers Respond Anthology Historic Sixth &I Synagogue 

Hedy 2Hedy 1


Feb 9th to 11th, 2017 AWP Conference Washington DC. Book Signing at Peacock Journal Table 858! Thursday 9th 3:30-4:30 ; Saturday 11th 12:00-1:00. Habra signed Flying Carpets, Tea in Heliopolis, Under Brushstrokes & Peacock Journal’s Beauty First Print Anthology. 







Feb 9-11, 2017 AWP Conference Washington DC. Book Signing: Tea in Heliopolis and Under Brushstrokes Press 53 Booth ! Thursday 2:00 pm; Friday 10:00 pm; Sat 10:00 am








January 26th, 7:00 pm Reading Event: Fifth Wednesday Journal.
Kalamazoo Poets Read For You: Nancy Eimers, Matt Jordan, Andrew Wickenden & Hedy Habra.
Moderator: William Olsen. “Center for Humanities, WMU 2500 Knauss Hall

group 3PG copy16299601_10211544025425757_4251675242615321103_o







December 3rd, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm: 3rd Annual Author Expo & Book Signing at the Atrium. Portage District Library 300 Library Lane Portage MI 49002









September 9th to October 30th Art Exhibition: Chinese Ink Brush Paintings (30 works).
Hedy Habra displayed four artworks: “Landscape with Fisherman,” “Meditative Egret on Pine Branch,” “Two Red-Crowned Cranes” and “Woman & Leopard.”Portage D. Library, 300 Library Ln, Portage, MI







October 20th, 11:00 am: Cavalier Room Guest Speaker, Kankakee Community College, Illinois
11:00 Public Lecture & Reading: “A Captivating Voyage Through Time and Space” with Humanities and Poetry Students & Community.
12:30 Book Discussion with Intro to Poetry Students.
Flying Carpets, Tea in Heliopolis & Under Brushstrokes. Q&A and Book Signing.


September 23rd, 2:00 pm: “Interartistic Dialogue Between Visual Poetry and Visual Art.” In this presentation, Hedy Habra talked about the influences that led her to develop a passion for art and poetry. She read ekphrastic poetry from Tea in Heliopolis and her recently released collection, Under Brushstrokes. Kiva Room, Friendship Village, 1400 N Drake Rd, Kalamazoo, MI









September 20th, 10:30 am Guest Speaker: Hedy Habra
Book Discussion: Flying Carpets
Portage District Library, 300 Library Ln, Portage, MI 49002


“Hedy Habra’s Flying Carpets is a collection of enchantments and wonders charmingly recounted, deeply imagined, and composed with lyrical exactitude. It belongs to that rare tradition of books whose spells grow increasingly seductive with each new story.”
–Stuart Dybek, author of Coast of Chicago and Sailing with Magellan




April-June 2016: Hedy Habra: Guest Poetry Editor for Prime Number Magazine, a publication of Press 53. Submit & click here to read Habra’s three poems in issue 89!

July 5, 12pm Art Exhibition & Poetry
Habra read her pantoum, “The Colors of Dawn,” inspired by Judy Walters’ Praying for Peace. Both painting and poem displayed throughout AugustFriendship Village, 1400 N Drake Rd, Kalamazoo

Hedy poem and Judy's painting







May 11, 6:00 pm Fifth Wednesday Journal Poetry ReadingSeminary Co-op Bookstore,
5751 S Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, IL
Featuring Haki Madhubuti, Hedy Habra & George Kalamaras


April 19, 3:30 pm. College of Arts & Sciences Awards Ceremony
Hedy Habra PTI Excellence in Teaching Awards (2015-2016).
Center for the Humanities, Knauss Hall, 2500.

April 7, 6:00-8:00 pm The University Club of Santa Barbara, 1332 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
Hedy Habra read ekphrastic poetry from Under Brushstrokes (Press 53 2015) & Tea in Heliopolis (Press 53 2013), and showcased the artworks that inspired her work. Noozhawk Press Article 

IMG_3652 2

April 2-30 Parkview Hills Clubhouse ART MINDERS Chinese Brush Art
Hedy Habra, Carrie Lin, Grace Li, Che-Shen Tomich & Huaming Wang
April 14, 6-8 pm Artists’ Reception & Demo Parkview Hills Clubhouse, 3707 Greenleaf Circle Kalamazoo, MI
ART MINDERSphoto 3photo 1

April 2, 2016 10:30 am to 11:45 am
AWP: Association of Writers & Writing Programs S139
Crossing the Liminal: A Reading of Art Poetry with World Literature Today Contributors.
Robert Muroff Bookfair Stage, Los Angeles Convention Center, Exhibit Hall Level One Saturday, Ekphrastic Poetry Reading with WLT contributors, Lauren Camp, Hedy Habra & Cole Swensen & Bilingual Reading Spanish/English: Hedy Habra & Daniel Simon

photo 3 copy crop DSC03835 copy

March 31,3:00 pm Book Signing: Thursday 3:00pm & Friday 2:00 pm
Press 53 Booth 530 AWP BookFair Convention Center Los Angeles, CA

cathy hedyhedy kevin Pam Lawanda AWP

March 23, 2016, 7:00 p.m. 2500 Knauss Hall, Western Michigan University Center for the Humanities“Inter Artistic Dialogue Between Visual Poetry & Visual Art.”
Hedy Habra read from Under Brushstrokes

Habra POSTER FEB 16 Center Humanities March 23 pdfHed Center H paul sol12933012_10208950914999617_6200257086291972838_n

January 28 2016 6-8 p.m: Creating Persona: Writer Workshop with Hedy Habra.  Portage District Library. “Creating Persona:” Award-winning author Hedy Habra will guide attendees on how to use personal memories to inspire fictional pieces and create realistic characters and personalities.”

December 12, 2015 2-4 pm Kazoo Books Author Hop Book Signing with Local authors

December 12, 10-2 pm Portage District Library Local Authors Reading


December 8, 12 pm Kalamazoo Art Institute ArtBreak Series, “Poetic Responses to Art: A Reading and Book Discussion” by Hedy Habra

November 19, 7 pm  Alliance Française “Dialogue interartistique: poésie visuelle et art plastique” par Hedy Habra

November 14, 7 pm Poets-In-Print Poetry Reading, Book & Broadside Signing: Hedy Habra & Diane Seuss Kalamazoo Book Arts Center 326 W Kalamazoo Ave
Habra read from her new book of poems, Under Brushstrokes


November 5, 4:00 to 5:30 p.mGuest Speaker, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery Public Lecture, Poetry Reading & Q&A

October 21, 7 pm Iroquois Room D 152: Guest Speaker, Kankakee Community College, Illinois
Public Lecture, Reading / Q&A Under Brushstrokes Discussion Q&A and Book Signing Flying Carpets & Tea in Heliopolis


October 13, 6:30 pm  KAZOO BOOKS II Author Event: Reading & Q&A 2413 Parkview Ave. Habra read from Under Brushstrokes

IMG_5788 2

September 15, 6-8 pm MICHIGAN NEWS AGENCY Author Event: Reading & Q&A, 308 W.Michigan Ave Kalamazoo MI
Habra read from Under Brushstrokes

August 10-14: Sociedad Argentina de Escritores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
SIMPOSIO INTERNATIONAL DE LITERATURA “La producción literaria de América Latina: segunda mitad del siglo XX y comienzos del siglo XXI,” Instituto Literario y Cultural Hispánico.
Presentación de poemarios y recital de poesía en español.
Presentación del libro de crítica, Mundos alternos y artísticos en Vargas Llosa

April 1, 1:00 pm Edwin & Mary Meader Room Waldo Library.
WMU Libraries Celebrate National Poetry Month: Kick-Off Poetry Reading & Music

Poetry Readings, Music, Performance Arab American Museum Dearborn MI
11am-12:15 pm “A Hum in the Water: A Poetry Reading”
Habra presented “A Landscape of Memory” & read poems from her upcoming manuscript, “The Taste of the Earth.”
**Listen to the live stream video.


April 9-11, 2015 AWP Associated Writers and Writing Programs Conference Minneapolis.
April 10, 3-4 pm Book Signing/Press 53 Booth Tea in Heliopolis

April 9, 7:30-9:00 pm AWP Off-Site Reading: MIZNA Literary Journal  Cedar Cultural Center MN
A musical soundscape by Naj Bagdadi surrounds an evening featuring performances by Moheb Soliman, Ismael Khalidi & Nathalie Handal, including a line-up of acclaimed poets–Glenn Shaheen, Hedy Habra, Philip Metres, Lisa Suhair Majaj, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, and more.

April 10, 5:30-8:00 pm AWP off-site Reading Barnes & Noble 801 Nicollet Mall Downtown MN, 2015 Press 53 Writers and Editors.

November 6, 5-7 pm Second Sight/Insight II Kalamazoo Institute of Art  Local Poets Respond to Art. Habra’s poem was inspired by A Little Joke by Adolph Dehn

November 13, 2014 10 am-2 pm. Portage Library First Local Authors Event Fiction and Poetry Reading.

December 5, 6-8pm.Kalamazoo Public Library Poetry Trunk Show.
Local Authors Read books published in 2013-2014

September 18-21 RAWI Fifth National Gathering with MIZNA Sept 18-21 Minneapolis
Saturday 1:00 pm Habra presented “Erasing the Memory of Fear”

September 23, 7 pm TOWN & GOWN Poetry Reading Kalamazoo Public Library

September 28, 2-3 pm. 
POETRY in 19 LANGUAGES: A SYMPHONY OF THE SENSES  Portage District Library  Habra read her poetry in Spanish

April 4, 3 pm Bernhardt Center WMU Spanish Department Honors & Awards. Hedy Habra Keynote address

April 10, 7 pm. Schuler Books & Music Author Event: Reading & Q&A   28th Street Grand Rapids. Hedy Habra & Miriam Pederson

April 15, 7:00 pm Alliance Française Kalamazoo,
Reading from Tea in Heliopolis & Discussion & Q&A in French

February 28-29, Thursday & Friday 4-5 pm
AWP Seattle Book Signing Press 53 Booth Tea in Heliopolis
6:00 pm Glass Lyre Press & Pirene’s Fountain Poetry Reading PST East Olive Way Starbucks, Seattle, WA

March 18, 7:00 pm Fairy Tales, Legends & Myths Portage District Library Poetry Reading Q&A. Portage MI 49002. Kathleen McGookey, Lynn Pattison, Julie Stotz-Ghosh, Janet Ruth Heller, Hedy Habra & Judith Rypma.

March 20: Barnes & Nobles Kalamazoo Local Authors Event 
5:00-8:00 pm Habra Author Event & Book Signing
6:30 pm Reading & Q&A  Tea in Heliopolis & Flying Carpets

January 21, 2014, 7 pm. Poetry Reading, Q&A Kalamazoo Public Library  The Other Michigan

December 4-6, 2013 Congreso Homenaje a Mario Vargas Llosa La ciudad y los perros y el Boom hispanoamericano” Casa de la Literatura Peruana, Lima, Perú
jueves 5 12:15. Presentación del libro: Mundos alternos y artísticos en Vargas Llosa: Casa de la Literatura Peruana.
Lunes 9 de diciembre 7:00 pm en Librería Sur, Lima
Viernes 2 pm CASLP Ponencia: “Recreación y reflexividad en dos diaristas vargasllosianos: Don Rigoberto y Gauguin” 

LIMA CONGRESO VLL Patricia Hedy Agostin cena despedida LIMA CONGRESO VLL PAT scholars

October 24 Guest Speaker Kankakee Community College, Illinois Reading Q&A Flying Carpets & Tea in Heliopolis

October 2, 7-9 p.m. Granada Books, Santa Barbara
Reading Q&A Flying Carpets & Tea in Heliopolis  NOOZHAWK PRESS ARTICLE

September 9-11 Guest Speaker at State University of New York, SUNY Oswego Presentation Q&A of Habra’s scholarly book, Mundos alternos y artísticos en Vargas Llosa.
Reading Q&A from Flying Carpets & Tea in Heliopolis The Osweganian SUNY Habra Poetry Reading

August 15, 7-8:30 pm Reading Q&A Phoenix & Dragon 5531 Roswell Road NE Atlanta GA 30342. Flying Carpets & Tea in Heliopolis

August 16, 11:30 am Brunch & Reading Alif Institute 3288 Marjan Dr Atlanta GA 30340  Flying Carpets & Tea in Heliopolis

June 26, 6-8 pm Author Event Q&A MICHIGAN NEWS 308 W.Michigan Ave Kalamazoo MI Habra read from her new book of poems, Tea in Heliopolis

August 10 BOOK FAIR: Reading Rocks at Rockford MI

Verse Daily poem from Tea in Heliopolis