Reviews of 

The Taste of the Earth

By Roula-María Did, Indelible “Review of Hedy Habra’s The Taste of the Earth by Roula María Dib”

By Inela Selimović, World Literature TodayThe Taste of the Earth, by Hedy Habra”

By Robert Giron, ChezRobertGiron  “Review of ‘The Taste of the Earth, by Hedy Habra’”

By Sarah Jeffries, AmazonUnique and Beautiful!”

By Angele Ellis, Al Jadid Magazine “[Un]raveling all my senses” Vol 23, No 77

By Layla Azmi Goushey, Review/Interview: The Taste of the Earth: Medallions of Memory in the Poetry of Hedy Habra/–TheLevant News.

By Saloua Ben Amor, Knot Magazine “Review of The Taste of the Earth by Hedy Habra” Fall issue, 2020

Reviews of 

Under Brushstrokes

By Nicole Fares, World Literature Today  Under Brushstrokes, by Hedy Habra”

By Elizabeth Nichols, Silk & Spice Anthology: Pirene’s Fountain, Vol. 9, Issue 17 (2016): 200-02  “Under Brushstrokes, by Hedy Habra”

By Virginia Bell, Blue Fifth Review  “The Liquid Sentence: Hedy Habra’s Under Brushstrokes

By Connie Post, Life and LegendsUnder Brushstrokes: Collection of poetry by Hedy Habra”

By Mark Grimes,  Al Jadid Magazine Vol 21 No 72. “Hedy Habra’s Finely Woven World of Words.”

By Lisa J. Sullivan, Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices, Spring 2017


Reviews of 

Tea in Heliopolis

By Rebecca Foust, Women’s Voices for Change: Poetry Sunday, “Tea at Chez Paul’s”  by Hedy Habra

By Myles Gordon, Boston Area Small Press & Poetry Scene

By Djelloul Marbrook, Galatea Resurrects #21

By Robert Giron, ChezRobertGiron

By Zinta Aistars, The Smoking Poet

By Elizabeth Nichols, Pirene’s Fountain

By Connie Palacios, Alba de América 3.64-65 (2014): 345-47


Reviews of 

Flying Carpets

By Alison McCabe, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts Vol. 14 (2013):197-98

By Silvia Ruiz-Tresgallo, in English, Letras Femeninas 39.1 (2013): 222-24

Winner of the 2013 Arab American Book Award’s Honorable Mention in Fiction  Awards Ceremony Nov 2, Arab American National Museum, Dearborn

By Sally Bland, The Jordan Times, “A shimmering mix of real, unreal”

By Pauline Mouhanna, in French, L’Hebdo Magazine, Beirut, “Hedy Habra, une Sheherezade des temps modernes

By Susan Azar Porterfield, American Book Review

By Silvia-Ruiz Tresgallo, in Spanish, Linden Lane Magazine

By Ray Hanania Columns

By Julian Gallo, Desvarío 

By Hala Salaheddine Hussein, in Arabic, Al Shark Al Awsat London

By Pauline Homsi Vinson, Al JADID, “Marvelous Meanderings”


Reviews of 

Mundos alternos y artísticos en Vargas Llosa

Hispania vol 97, 4 Dec (2014): 695-696 por David P. Wiseman

Chasqui 43.1 May (2014): 173-175 por Assen Kokalov

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Romance Notes vol 54 Special Issue, (2014): 163-164 por Etna Ávalos

Revista de Estudios Hispánicos XLIX, 1 Marzo (2014): 188-190 por Juan E. de Castro

Revista de Filología y Lingüística de la Universidad de Costa Rica 43, 1 (2017): 190-93 por Jorge Chen Sham