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Published Poems in Print & Online Anthologies

Poemeleon: The Plague Papers Anthology: “Bird’s Song, Unraveled,” “Inside Your Palm,” “Hokusai’s The Great Wave” (2020)

International Anthology, edited by Nizar Sartawi “The Taste of the Earth” (2020)

Rocked by Waters: Poems of Motherhood (Nodin Press) “To My Son Upon His First Visit to Lebanon” (2020)

SEVEN HUNDRED LINES: A crown of Found/Fount Sonnets celebrating Singapore’s Bicentennial, edited by Desmond Kon “Or What If They Could Only Coexist As An Artefact?” (2019).

Anima Methodi Anthology, ed. Desmond Kon & Eric Valles. “Riding the Winged Tricycle.” (2018).

Pirene’s Fountain Collateral Damage Anthology “No Man’s Land,” “To Amal” ( 2018).

Glass Lyre Press Anthology: Carrying the Branch: Poets in Search of Peace “The Green Line,” “Salawat” ( 2018)

Aolian Harp Series: Anthology of Poetry Folios Vol3 “The Taste of the Earth” “Writing in   Dust” “The Memory of Unspoken Words” The Apple of Granada” “Obsessive    Compulsion”   “Deeper Than Tattoo” (2017)
Nominated “The Taste of the Earth” for the Pushcart Prize

The May 2017 Blue Heron Review Featured Author is Hedy Habra

Hedy Habra “My Sacred Space, My Sacred Place,” Guest Blog, Chris Rice Cooper Blog Art & Humanity Framed in the Photo Feature Story

ALCHEMY: AN ARTISTS & WRITERS INITIATIVE “A bird’s song, unraveled” “Or How Could He Ever Win the Heart of Any Woman?” (2017)

Peacock Journal Anthology: Beauty First “Deeper Than Tattoo,” nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Truth to Power: Writers Respond to the Rhetoric of Hate and Fear. Cutthroat, Pam Uschuk, Ed. (2017).

Immigration and Justice for our Neighbors Anthology: “Blue Heron,” “The Bullfrog,” A Glimpse of Fall,” “Even the Sun has its Dark Side” (2017)

BARED: Les Femmes Folles Anthology on Bras and Breasts, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Ed. “First Bra” (2016)

 Solstice Selects: Two Years of Diverse Voices Print Anthology: “Gezi Park, 2013” (2016)

New Millenium Writings 25th Anthology “The Upright Piano” (2016)

Ars Moriendi Writings On the Art of Dying, Desmond Kong zhicheng-mingdé, Ed. “Obsessive compulsion,” “The Memory of Unspoken Words,” “Face à face,” “The Ages of Man,” “After the Storm,” “To My Grandmother, Heliopolis, Egypt 1965,” “Everything They Said” (2015)

FulcrumAn Anthology of Poetry and Aesthetics: “Silence” (2015)

Come Together: Imagine Peace, Harmony Series, Bottom Dog Press. Philip Metres, Ann Smith and Larry Smith Eds. Blue Heron” (2008).

Conservation International Poetry Project: Melancholy and Memory Söylesí Üç Aylik Suur Dergisi trans. into Turkish “Narguileh” (2010).

FIRST WATER, The Best of Pirene’s Fountain Anthology “Liberation Square,” “Broken Ladder” (2013).

Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry Hayan Charara, Ed. “Even the Sun has its Dark Side,” “Milkweed,” “Tea at Chez Paul’s” (2008).

Mediterranean.nu (3 contributions) http://www.odyssey.pm/?p=1786

Nazim Hikmet  Fourth Annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival Poetry: A Chapbook of Talks and Poetry Award-Winning Poems  “I Always Knew I was a Sybil at Heart,” “Weaving and Unweaving” “Writing in Dust” (2012).

The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology “ATryptich: Visibile parlare in sotto voce” (2012).

Poetic Voices Without Borders Vol 2 Gival Press, Robert Giron, Ed,:
“El sol también tiene su lado oscuro,” “Contrapunto,” “Adagio por una viola d’amore olvidada,”  “Mapas,” “Aquarelle,” “Chute Libre,” “Le café Turc,” “Délire,” “Filles du feu,” “Niagara,”La vieille femme” (2009).

RAWI.org Featured Writer for the month May 2010 “Raoucheh,” “Narguileh,” “Open-Air Cinema in Heliopolis,” “Salawat,” “Tea at Chez Paul’s,” “Lost and Found.”

Shake the Tree Anthology Vol 2, Kelle Grace Gaddis, Ed. (2016) Ten poems by Hedy Habra.

SilverBirch Press: Where I live Poetry Series Anthology  “Blue Heron” (2015).

SilverBirch Press: I am Waiting Poetry Series Anthology  “Waiting in a Field of Melted Honey” (2014).

Solstice Selects: Two Years of Diverse Voices Print Anthology: “Gezi Park, 2013” (2016)

Sunrise from Blue Thunder Japan Anthology  “Aftershocks in Fukushima,” Hokusai’s The Great Wave”  (2011).

Women’s Voices for Change Rebecca Foust, Ed. “Tea at Chez Paul’s” (2015).